The Abyss

Below Us

Forget the stars, the real threat is below us.

After a rough break up, Wyatt moves to New York City, eager to prove himself while working on Wall Street. When he’s asked to visit his ex-girlfriend’s father, a billionaire tycoon, his fate is sealed.

The revolutionary company, Nu-En, launches a radical innovation, an energy that will allow every person on the planet access to power. Only it doesn’t perform as anticipated.

Harnessing the ocean has consequences, and highly dangerous creatures emerge from the depths. Soon, the Earth is fracturing, and the world will never be the same.

Wyatt teams with Luna, a clever journalist, to escape the treacherous city with the ultimate prize: a robot capable of saving the world.

Their journey won’t be easy, but they meet others along the way that share the same determination.

Time is running out, and nothing can prepare them for what’s coming…

Below Us is the first novel in the epic series, The Abyss, written by Nathan Hystad, the Best-Selling author of The Other Place, First Life, and The Event.