The Travelers

Dark Invasion

When Elliot returns to Bell Island the summer of ‘84, he doesn’t expect to be thrust into the middle of an alien invasion. But he won’t let them win…

Elliot has just finished his third year of college as a finance major. After some tragic family news, he isn’t sure what the future holds.

Working part time at the video rental store, Elliot is dumped and offered a promotion, all on the eve of the island’s biggest celebratory day: The Fourth of July.

With the help of his best friend, Bones, the new waitress from the local diner, and a mysterious soldier, Elliot must uncover the secrets that surround Bell Island before it’s too late.

Under the guise of a treacherous storm, Bell Island is invaded, and it’s up to Elliot and his motley group of allies to defend their home.

Dark Invasion is a fast paced science fiction adventure from Nathan Hystad, the best-selling author of First Life, The Other Place, The Event, and Lost Contact.