Return to Red Creek

Paul Alenn thought the fire had cleansed the orchard.

He was certain the ties with the shadow had been severed.

He was dead wrong.

Ten years have passed since Paul and his family left Red Creek for good. But his daughter Taylor, forbidden to return, rushes to visit her cousin after a young girl vanishes in the oppressed town.

They quickly learn that the Smiths’ terrible clutches over the region are still at play, and the shadow is growing stronger. Meanwhile, Detective Tom Bartlett dives head-first into the lore of Red Creek, unsure of what’s real and what’s an urban legend. Paul, Taylor, and Tom must fight for the truth, before the curse continues for another generation.

All questions surrounding Red Creek and the mysterious shadow will be answered in this highly anticipated sequel. From bestselling author Nathan Hystad comes a tension-filled thriller you won’t want to miss.