The Survivors

The Colony

A forgotten world. A dangerous adversary.

Dean Parker is alive and well thanks to his daughter, but something’s changed inside him since the incident at Newei. Ovalax lingers in his mind… whispering… waiting…

Jules is now the commander on Outpost, the Alliance’s newest high-tech warship, and encounters what initially seems like an innocent mission to Udoon Station. With her parents on Ebos, Sarlun missing in action, and Slate on Light, Jules feels the building pressure. When the galaxy’s most notorious criminal escapes from the Traro prison, pieces of the puzzle begin falling into place.

Can Dean fight his demons, and gain a foothold on Ebos for the Alliance? Will Jules solve the trap she’s tripped before it’s too late? The Colony is the latest book in the epic Survivors series. Get your copy today.