The Glass

The Hidden Space

The Visitors have departed, but why did the Glass appear in the first place?

There’s a sense of normalcy for the community in Monterey, California, but their peace doesn’t last long. When they’re pushed to leave, they encounter something they never expected to find.

The Glass remain, but they’ve shifted positions.

Peggy reveals she used to have dreams, but prescription medication kept them at bay. Now she’s off the pills and is determined to visit Spokane with Will.

Alternate Earths, alien ships, and time travel revelations.

Ransom doesn’t know why he ever listened to Cedric. His journey with Joel to the Other Place offers a new perspective on their situation.

Maybe there can be peace in the aftermath…

Drake finds a group in Tucson, and all paths collide as they uncover the truth.

The Hidden Space is the continuation of the epic series, The Glass from Nathan Hystad, the author of Lost Contact, The Event, and Final Days.

Also on Audible, narrated by R.C. Bray